Suffolk is proud to have seventeen National Collections held by thirteen dedicated holders or groups. They are all listed below. Please click on the collection name for more information and pictures.



Aesculus: Mr Robert Grimsey of Ashfield-cum-Thorpe

Dianthus (Malmaison): Mr Jim Marshall of Shelley

Dianthus (Perpetual flowering Carnations bred and registered in the UK before 1970):  Mr Jim Marshall of Shelley

Dryopteris (Species and hybrids): Mr A C Pigott of Mendlesham

Equisetum: Mr A C Pigott of Mendlesham

Erysimum – Perennial: Dr Simon Weeks of Walpole

Euonymus (Deciduous): Mr Rupert Eley of East Bergholt

Hosta: Mr & Mrs Milton of Mickfield

Impatiens (Species): Will Purdom of Lowestoft

Iris (Sir Cedric Morris introductions): Ms S Cook of Shelley

Iris (Sir Michael Foster introductions): Lucy Skellorn of Ringshall

Muehlenbeckia (New Zealand Species and Varieties): Mr J Michalak of Burgate

Narcissus (Bred and introduced by the Rev G H Engleheart): Distributed Collection

Rhus: Mr Rupert Eley of East Bergholt

Santolina: Botanica of Campsea Ashe

Suffolk Garden Plants: (20th Century Hardy): The Suffolk Punch Trust of Hollesley

Toxicodendron: Mr Rupert Eley of East Bergholt