Acidanthera murielae  (Abyssinian gladiolus) is the free plant (for 800 visitors, released during each day) at the Helmingham Plant Fair, May 2023.

A graceful summer flowering perennial with erect grass like leaves and flower stems up to a 3′ / 100cm, with several nodding funnel-shaped white flowers with purple throats. Attractive to a range of pollinators.

Grow in pots or in the ground. Plant corms at 6″ / 15cm deep in moist,  well-drained potting medium. Dead head after flowering.

Lift when foliage dies back, discard old corms and store new corms in a dry frost-free place until planting in the spring. In milder areas a thick dry winter mulch may suffice.

Propagate by separating cormlets when dormant.