Erigeron glaucus ‘Sennen’ is the free plant (for 800 visitors) at Helmingham Plant Fair May 2021.

Erigeron is a large genus of daisy-like plants. The species E. glaucus is native to the coastline of West Coast USA, where it grows on beaches, dunes and coastal bluffs. It is moderately low growing with branching stems, and produces rounded spoon-shaped leaves.

The cultivar name ‘Sennen’ could be from Sennen Cove in Cornwall where the species is naturalised or could be from the French botanist, Frere Sennen, who first named other species in the genus.

The original plant material came through the National Plant Exchange and our propagation officer has grown it for some years finding it attractive, easy to grow, and a pleasing addition to the garden. It is currently listed in the RHS Plantfinder with 2 suppliers, giving it Plant Guardian status.

The flowers are quite large, perhaps 2 inches across, with layers of fine rich blue/purple petals. It would be happiest in sunshine with reasonable drainage. It flowers for a long period over the summer, and slowly spreads outwards. It keeps a rosette of green leaves through the winter.