Symphyotrichum novae-angliae ‘Rougham Purple’, is the free plant (for the first 800 visitors) at Helmingham Plant Fair May 2019.

Recent changes in taxonomy mean that  Symphyotrichum is now accepted to be the correct name for this lovely plant that most of us know as Aster. It was bred in Suffolk by Rougham Nursery by the current owner’s father some twenty or more  years ago.

It currently has one supplier in the RHS Plantfinder (online), being West Acre Gardens in Norfolk.

The plant qualifies for the Plant Guardian Scheme.

It is late summer flowering tall and a wonderful rich purple. The plant clumps up quickly and has several flowers heads on its tall strong stems. The colour is clear and rich. It needs an open site with reasonable fertile soil and drainage.

It is growing in the Suffolk Punch Garden at Hollesley, where there is National Plant Collection of plants bred or introduced by someone in Suffolk.