Thursday 21st

Talk: “Bamboos”
Speaker: Helen Chen
4.30pm Online – book via: https://www.plantheritage.org.uk/events/suffolk/bamboos-helen-chen/

Helen has been collecting bamboos for over 20 years since falling in love with them whilst living in China. A graduate of the WRAGS scheme, she has worked in estate gardening and retail horticulture, and now has a small nursery, Japonica Plants, specialising in bamboo and other interesting plants from east Asia. Her talk covers how bamboos grow, runners and clumpers, growing bamboos in containers and a looks at a good variety of different species.


Thursday 18th

Talk: “The life cycle of British and Irish Butterflies”
Speaker:Peter Eeles
4:30pm Online

Peter is the author of possibly the most comprehensive book on the
subect of butterflies, also of the same title.Peter will talk to us about the nectar sources and larval food plants of these beautiful insects, with a view to educating those of us who would like to encourage them to our gardens.


Saturday 27th

Talk: “Plant Combinations”
Speaker: Alan Gray
2:30pm Online

This is an exciting opportunity to see one of the most interesting plantsmen from over the border in Norfolk. Those of you who have visited his wonderful gardens at East Ruston, will know what a treat is in store.


Wednesday 7th

Talk: “Cranesbills, the hardy Geranium”
Speaker: Gary Carroll
4.30pm Online – to register, go to: https://www.plantheritage.org.uk/events/suffolk/gorgeous-geraniums/

Gary Carroll is the owner of ‘Cranesbill Nursery’ near Walsall. Gardening for over 15 years, Gary studied at Rodbaston Horticultural College and progressed on to a local Arboretum, a very large and busy Garden Centre. He then had his own Garden Renovation business, becoming a Gardener for a five-star hotel in Australia, to more recently being a Garden Manager at a historic National Trust property.
His aim now is to provide the best range of Hardy Geraniums in the U.K. and beyond. All of his plants are robust sizes and aside from the Bare-Roots supplied in spring – ready to be planted straight out into your garden.


Saturday 18th
Talk: “Shade and semi-shade”
Speaker: Colin Ward
2.30pm:  Stowupland Village Hall.

Anyone who has been to Swines Meadow Farm Nursery near Peterborough will know what an extraordinary collection of rare and interesting plants can be bought there.  Colin has a special interest in woodland plants and many of these make up the real rarities to be found at the nursery.
Colin is a strong believer in caring for the soil to keep his plants healthy, vital to a plantsman with such a diverse collection.  His vast knowledge and experience will be evident to all.



Saturday 23rd
Talk: “Camassia Calling”
Speaker: Stella Exley
2.30pm: Stowupland Village Hall.
Stella holds the National Collection of Camassia at her Yorkshire nursery: Hare Spring Cottage Plants.  A Chelsea Gold Medal winner and appearances on Gardener’s World has ensured Stella’s pre-eminence in the world of Camassias.
This interesting group of plants, that span the spring to summer flowering period, are a firm favourite with designers and gardeners alike.



Saturday 27th
AGM and Talk: “Yes, but what did Linnaeus do for us?”
Speaker: Jan Michalak
2:30pm:Stowupland Village Hall.

The AGM will open the afternoon and will be speedily followed by Jan who will give us a lighthearted look into the world of plant naming.
Linnaeus gave us the binomial system of plant classification which is still in use today.  This promises to be a fascinating look at this important practice, no Latin required!

Everyone is welcome to our talks. Unless indicated otherwise, lectures are free to members, with £5 entrance fee for non-members. Online talks may need to be booked in advance – see individual talks for details.

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